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Zenoshi is on a quest to build systems that reimagine rewards, so that they are effective and massively rewarding for consumers. At the same time we are reimagining receipts and what you do with them. What if you got rewarded for every receipt you submitted? What if you never had to save a receipt again because every time you submitted it to Zenoshi, we put it into a receipt wallet for you where it will stay forever?

We are also developing systems to help businesses attract more customers easily and cost effectively. We want businesses to be more profitable so that they can continue to do what they do best; provide us with great products and services.

And we want to save customers money. We are really passionate about that. However, we want to do that without hurting the businesses we work with.
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Imagine a reward program that rewards you for submitting almost any receipt from almost any purchase.

Zenoshi Rewards is a Universal Reward Program where truly Every Dollar Counts. Simply put, we reward you for every dollar you spend.